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Valentino bags and shoes can be a great addition to any wardrobe, and through More Than You Can Imagine, our dedicated, knowledgeable staff makes it easy to shop Valentino.


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VALENTINO Rockstud Zip Pouch


Find authentic Valentino for sale at MTYCI

Welcome to More Than You Can Imagine, a Houston-based boutique that blends luxury consignment apparel, accessories and shoes with retail jewelry and more. We provide a truly unique shopping experience that has made us a first-stop destination for clients from around the world. If you’re looking for quality, authentic, used Valentino for sale, we invite you to start your search with MTYCI. Our inventory will prove to be:
  • Loaded with the most iconic names in fashion. When you’re looking to shop pre-owned Valentino, or are interested in names like Loubouton, Gucci, Tom Ford, Prada and more, there is something for you in our inventory. 
  • Sourced from all over the world. Owner Vicki Rizzo has spent 25 years in the consignment and retail industries, and she uses those connections to source pieces from all over the world, bringing a world-class shopping experience to MTYCI. 
  • Authentic and protected. All consignment items that we add to our inventory are certified and 100 percent authentic. We want our clients to shop with total peace of mind. Also, if you buy online from our boutique, we will make sure it ships properly and securely.
If you’re looking for authentic Valentino for sale, and don’t see what you’re looking for, connect with our team and we can help walk you through our inventory and keep you updated on new additions to our ever-changing stock.

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Laying claim to some of the most in-demand shoes in the fashion industry, Valentino provides status, quality and beauty all in a single purchase. The staff at MTYCI would love to assist you in shopping our store. If you shop with us online, please don’t hesitate to connect with our team with questions and concerns.

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High fashion and unique buys have never been more accessible. Shop Valentino, and other great names, through More Than You Can Imagine.